Welcome to Noshiro!

Noshiro City is a nature-rich city in the northwest part of Akita Prefecture, located about 60 km from Akita City. We are proud of The World Natural Heritage, the Shirakami Mountains, and pine grove in Japan called "Kaze no Matsubara" which handed down to the present, and the Japan Sea where the bright sunsets are snowing. Please enjoy food, history, scenery and culture of Noshiro.

Enjoy a foods

The history of the Noshiro specialty "pork gristle" is old, and it is said that the local meat shop was launched with "kitchen knife" as a waste, and it was begun.
Also, "Gibasa Udon" using "Noshiro Udon" and seaweed "Gibasa" is famous for being featured in NHK too. The combination of thses is the best and delicious! Besides, there is a dining room where you can enjoy seasonal local ingredients such as Shirakamino leek. When you stay, please enjoy the night of Noshiro while drinking local sake.

Choose souvenirs / special products

There are many traditional shops in Noshiro. "Hiyama Natto", sticking local sake, handmade woodwork, "Kite" painted unique style called "BERABOU", "T shirt", "Tub and barrel" drifting scent of Akita cedar etc. Please find souvenirs of Noshiro produced by craftsmanship!

Enjoy nature and landscape

Noshiro is the gateway to the World Natural Heritage "Shirakami Mountains". The Shirakami mountain range is a generic name of the vast mountainous area of about 130,000 hectares that spans Akita prefecture and Aomori prefecture and was registered as the first UNESCO World Natural Heritage in Japan in 1993. It is one of the charms that you can see the Shirakami Mountains from Noshiro. There is also one of the largest pine grove in Japan called "Kaze no Matsubara". About 7 million plants planted in "Kaze no Matsubara" runs along the coast of Noshiro City, 1 km east to west, 14 km to the north and south, and 760 hectares is an extensive area. There are wood chips spread through "exercise and a healthy road", a cycling course, a place of relaxation and many citizens use it. Please enjoy Noshiro surrounded by river, ocean, mountain nature.

Let's enjoy at the event

There are plenty of events Noshiro. In the spring there are events that can enjoy flowers, basketball stadium unique basketball tournaments, summer fireworks festival, Tanabata, space events related to the universe. Many brides wear costumes and celebrate the approach of the shrine by celebrating the "Daughter-in-Law Viewing Festival" held around May or June every year. Its appearance is very glossy and it is a very rare festival in the whole country. In September the "Onagori Festival" is held, and the end of this festival makes us feel the end of the summer.

Let's enjoy "City of 〇〇, Noshiyo" in the city walk

City of "WOOD"

Noshiro was a prosperous city in the wood processing industry and so it came to be called like this. If you come to Noshiro, we would like to recommend to visit the "Isaka Memorial Hall" where you can see the history of Noshiro as wood industrial town, and the symbolic wooden building "Old Restaurant - Kaneyuu".

City of "basketball"

Noshiro Industrial High School 's basketball club got 58 victories in the national tournament, so Noshiro started to be called like this. "Noshiro Basketball Museum" that can touch the history and culture of basketball is a very interesting museum for basketball fans. In addition, a shoot experience that people who got on the train GONO-Line "Resort Shirakami" experience at Noshiro station is also popular.

City of "Universe"

"JAXA Noshiro rocket experiment site" with Japan's largest engine vacuum combustion test building is in Noshiro. In this experiment site, engine experiments were conducted the engine of the M-V rocket which launched the artificial satellite "Hayabusa", and epsilon rocket which is the successor to the M-V. so Noshiro is called like this. There is also "Noshiro universe event" where a lot of students and social workers gather and perform mini rocket launch experiment etc. There are events and exhibition halls related to space, adults and children can enjoy and learn.

City of "Energy"

Noshiro city has "Noshiro thermal power plant" and "Kaze no Matsubara wind power plant". This is called because we can build vitality by energy and self-sufficient energy. "Noshiro Energy Park" adjacent to the thermal power plant is a public relations hall of Tohoku Electric Power. If you book in advance here, you can join facility tour of the thermal power plant. Also, the windmill near the observation platform of Hamanasu is very impressive.

The history of Noshiro

First appearance of name "能代" (Noshiro) in the literature was in 658, Abeno Hirahu hoped landed in "渟代" (Nushiro) for conquest of Yezo (Hokkaido). In the late 1400s, Hiyama Castle, which was used as a main castle by Mr. Ando Hayama for 5 generations, remains a castle tower as a large mountain castle 1,500m east-west and 900m north and south. The Hiyama area with Hiyama castle ruins was the center of Noshiro-Yamamoto district.
Noshiro's place name is "渟代" (Nushiro) to "野代" (noshiro), then after the earthquake disaster, "野代" is read as an "change to the wasteland" and the auspiciousness is bad (the word "野" means "wasteland", word "代" means "change"), so that the wishes of residents will change well, "能" which means "well" was used for the name of "能代" (Noshiro).
In the beginning of 1600, the domain of Satake (Akita) established a government office for exporting timber to the woods and it became a port of calling for the Kitamae fleet, and wood and copper were brought to Osaka and Nagasaki etc from Noshiro. In the Meiji Ara, Naomoto Isaka also known as Father of Wood CIty of Noshiro introduced mechanical lumbering technology, and its scale was said to be the most in the Orient with the development of the timber industry.
The history that our predecessors left behind is being handed down and handed down, despite two large fire events.

Former Noshiro City resident alien Shiro Hoshino

Shiro Hoshino is Noshiro sneak investigator.
He came from outer space, discovered and encountered many things for two years, left memories and returned to his planet in the summer of 2017. I am convinced that he recalls Noshiro when returning to space.

- Shiro-kun was born from Noshiro City Regional Ocean Cooperation Corps.
He was active on two key words "basketball city" and "cosmic city".